2006-11-Jonahdécorelesapin 010“Beautiful and wise and moving book!” — Amy Friedman, author of Nothing Sacred: A Conversation with Feminism

“My favorite so far is the one on p. 122, “Nurture.” It’s just so thought-provoking and so poetic that I didn’t want it to end! “I think the mark of an excellent piece of writing is that it makes the reader want to respond in some way. That’s how I felt.” — Carol Wills, poet and mother!

“William Eaton’s Surviving the Twenty-First Century is a delicacy full of surprises and pleasures. This little book is entertaining, yet packs a quiet intellectual wallop. The stealth weapon is Jonah, 12 years old. Eaton’s intellectual forays are given meaning by his clear-eyed love for his child. Any parent will recognize those little flashes when your heart is pierced through. With humor and without gooey sentiment, Eaton suspends this sensation for readers to enjoy.” Claire Stewart, CUNY


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