Woodstock Drumming Circle (non-figurative – black tubes)

Woodstock Drumming Circle, non-figurative drawing by William Eaton

Now, my second year drawing the Woodstock Drumming Circle, I have begun to try non-figurative approaches, responding to the music. For some of the figurative drawings from 2018, see the Woodstock Drumming Circle portfolio.

Here at the very beginning of this series of “Image of the Week” posts, I am still (& happily!) finding my way. It has occurred to me to each time quote from writings by artists or on art. The drumming-circle drawing has brought to mind John Cage, and so here I quote from one of his stories: “transcript of story 40,” from the website Indeterminacy, which currently includes 190 Cage stories. I despair of being able to force WordPress to accurately reflect Cage’s or Indeterminacy‘s spacing, so . . . I am letting catch as catch can.


There            was            an            international

conference            of            philosophers            in

Hawaii                                      on            the

subject            of            Reality.


three            days            Daisetz            Teitaro

Suzuki            said            nothing.


Finally            the            chairman            turned

to            him            and            asked,

“Dr.            Suzuki,


you             say             this             table

around             which             we             are

sitting                                      is            real?”

Suzuki             raised             his

head             and             said             Yes.


The             chairman             asked             in

what             sense             Suzuki             thought

the             table             was             real.


Suzuki             said,

“In             every             sense.”

All drawings and paintings on this site are by William Eaton. Those interested in acquiring the original works can contact William at eaton0824 AT gmail.

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