Art, Sex, Politics - drawing by William Eaton - design by Molly Renda - book coverIn a provocative collection of essays, William Eaton, the author of Surviving the Twenty-First Century, shares the pleasures of questions, tastes, reading and more visual arts.

That we are animals, that is as sure as ever. How savagely we behave toward one another and toward other species and inorganic others. How we rub affectionately up against one another and—however desperately—make love.

Art, Sex, Politics (Serving House Books, 2017) includes, along with 13 other essays, several pieces (along with several drawings) that were first published on Montaigbakhtinian or in Zeteo. These include:

Also included: “Friendship, Deception, Writing” (based in Plato’s Lysis), this being among the essays published by Agni.

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