Fun with titles

She had a cold, so I gave her lemon and honey, drawing by William Eaton

Como se le había acabado el pintalabios, drawing by William EatonThe other Sunday a young woman arrived to model at one of the figure-drawing sessions in my living room, and she had brought props (or self-defense?): knives. I dug up some fancier, sharper knives which someone had given my son when he was quite young, and which I had then hidden so he wouldn’t hurt himself.

Long story short: the model modeled with and without her and my son’s knives, and I had fun writing titles for my drawings. And then, a few weeks later, a woman modeled while she had a head cold, and, instead of knives, I offered her hot water with lemon and honey, which led to both drawing and title.

Peace, Peace, drawing by William Eaton

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