Poem mixed with drawing

Eaton - Poem for a warm, cold spring day (with art)

Eaton - Poem for a warm, cold spring day (with art)Time was—and not that long ago—I thought my drawing and poetry would be knit together, and perhaps with the drawing causing words to be written on the spur of the moment (as in the “all she knows” example below). But . . . time passes, and I have instead found myself working more in parallel: drawing and writing, and the two activities having their similarities, and the results at times appearing side by side (see Montaigbakhtinian), yet . . . little knitting.

All this to introduce this week’s construction: the present “poem mixed with drawing.” The two elements were done quite separately and then combined (and this latter with the help of Laura at Tribeca Printworks). As for Elya, she is one of my favorite models and, indeed, one of my favorite people. Among my many, many drawings of her: Life . . . when you think about it . . . and “The lady with the orange hair” (see Fireflies Luciérnagas Lucioles). The drawing mixed with this poem, however, is not of Elya, and in fact is a next step in another project about which, perhaps, more anon.

All that she knows, Rubin Museum, William Eaton, 2018


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