On Gauguin being chased from museums, poem and painting by William Eaton, 2019

The inspiration for this piece? See Farah Nayeri’s November 18, 2019, New York Times piece: Is It Time Gauguin Got Canceled?

For those wishing to read the text of the poem without all the colors intervening . . . here ’tis:

On Gauguin being chased from museums
for being a savage person and having
said and done savage things

Let those sans sin, one might reply,
Yet what’s so special about our times
(Though, at least in this, not special – sigh)
Is how many now loudly cry
(And not just great sisters and mothers) –
We’re not savage like those others!
Who we shun or, better, expose
Those humans painting too unclothed!
And saying, doing, quite savage things.
While we, the pure, accusations sling!


The French editorial cartoonist Xavier Gorce has, in his own way, weighed in on this subject:

Xavier Gorce, à propos de l'art et le political correctness

Posted by:William Eaton

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