Wandering in Cubism with a straight edge and some jars

I came across Picasso drawings such as the 1912 head of a man shown below. I realized that all the lines could be done with a straight edge and curved objects; without any free-hand drawing. I began experimenting.

Some preliminary results below. The shading, for me, has proved the greater challenge, and it will be seen that I have tried various approaches.

I have come to think that my artmaking (as well as my writing) is quite involved—in these lonely times!—with a search for people with whom to talk intimately or imaginatively—free-handledly! People who might understand me a little and wish themselves to be a little understood. (Btw: One may think similarly of Emily Dickinson’s poetry and letter writing.)

From this perspective, it might be said that this post is curious to hear of others who may also be exploring Cubist techniques. And these Cubist-ish figures are among my many new friends!

A shout out to the models/artists, from I Shot Myself, ISM: Ann H, Anna and Eva M.

William Eaton. (Among my many essays on Dickinson: Dickinson’s Dying Tiger.)

Picasso, Head of a Man, MET
Picasso, Head of a man, 1912, now in the MET collection

AnalyCubeFun 1 (Anna, ISM), by William Eaton, 2021

AnalyCubeFun 4 (Eva M, ISM), by William Eaton, 2021

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