William Eaton: A bit of biography

William Eaton may be accused of trying to revive old forms:

Ayako Shida photo of William Eaton, Brooklyn, 26 May 2018As a writer, he has been praised as a “joyful skeptic” (UTNE Reader) and for combining “the compelling truth of documentary with the grace of romantic fiction” (Manuel Puig). And from readers: “Beautiful writing . . . there is an electricity.” “Rewarding!” “Quite amazing.” “Very smart, very articulate, very warm.”

He has been the Editor of the Zeteo interdisciplinary journal. He holds an M.F.A. from Columbia, an M.A. in Liberal Studies from the City University of New York, and a B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley.

Beyond the books and the artworks featured on this website, more of Eaton’s poetry and artworks may be found at Montaigbakhtinian and more of his essays at Zeteo. Those interested in seeing more or reading more, or in discussing any of the subjects raised by this art and these texts are encouraged to e-mail William at eaton0824 AT gmail..