Since 2012, some of William Eaton’s short essay, poems and artworks have been appearing on (Think Michel de Montaigne, think Mikhail Bakhtin. Please note, too, that these days some of the posts are bilingual or trilingual: French and Spanish being added to the old English.)

The site has more than 2,300 followers—anglophone, hispanohablante y francophone—with more coming on board every day.  The author is pleased, too, to have made a Best Essays list of Notable Essayists. In his youth he won an award for editorial writing from the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors; for investigative journalism from the Institute for Alternative Journalism; and for design from the Society of Publication Designers. (To say nothing of once being a finalist for a UK “erotic writer of the year” award.)

Comments from the media:

  • A “talented stylist”: Utne Reader
  • Very smart, very articulate, very warm; a gentleman”: Kelly Dean Jolley — “Unexpected Pleasures of Blogging”
  • A “joyful skeptic”: USA Today

Comments from (beloved) generous readers:

  • “Beautiful writing . . . there is an electricity.”
  • “The most difficult (although rewarding) WordPress blogger of whom I am aware.”
  • “I am constantly waiting for new posts because your work is quite amazing.”

All who read, think and feel please come on board!

“To be is to be in dialogue” (Dmitri Nikulin). William tries to respond to every comment and as individually as possible.

It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. Don’t forget to write.