Surviving the Twenty-First Century, Cover, essay collection by William Eaton, Serving House Books

Parenting, Corporate Thievery, Aging, Technology, Ideals – one might easily feel overwhelmed. With a unique approach to the personal, the political and the intellectual, William Eaton’s essays keep asking: “How might we live?”

Excerpts from Amazon 5-star reviews: “William Eaton thoughtfully and gracefully examines his experiences as father, wage earner, consumer, citizen, dreamer, ethicist. (Spoiler alert: his son gets the best lines.) For the price of a sandwich plus tax, Eaton’s little book could start you thinking about your own life. When you get to the end, you might even want to read it again.” — N.R. Mishkin

Surviving the Twenty-First Century - William Eaton - book coverA collection of essays full of insights and speculations, and very enjoyable to read. — Nahid Rachlin, author of Foreigner

Engaged, non-doctrinaire, well-read, independent-minded, pressurized toward the good and serious questions — Sven Birkerts, author of The Gutenberg Elegies

William Eaton finds arresting themes in unusual places — gazing at deer, coffee in Paris, coffee with a teenager becomes a site for probing silence. The writing is masterful and wonderfully absorbing. — Edward F. Mooney, author of On Søren Kierkegaard

Order your copy from Amazon. $9.99 in paperback. $7.99 on Kindle.

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